How To Stop Overthinking Right Now & Take Action?

How To Stop Overthinking Right Now & Take Action?

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What I actually mean to say is how to stop doubting yourself? The spiral of overthinking patterns in your mind originate from doubt. Doubt in yourself, doubt in people, doubt in the process of making something happen, doubt of failure or win.

Overthinking has led you to always make decisions from the position of fear, a position of insecurity. Overthinking has led you to creating your own version of the truth. More importantly overthinking is holding you back in the past or situations that only exist in your mind. 

Now it’s time to take action, build faith & stop procrastinating. 

Step 0 – Overthinking Is A Habit. Break The Pattern First

1. Talk To Someone You Trust

The idea is to express. Express the baggage of thoughts, get rid of them so that you have more clarity, you have more perspective & the weight of feeling guilty or feeling scared is no longer part of your system. Initially, you will time & again get back to the overthinking mode, because your default mental state is constantly worrying  & change takes time. 

So in order to transition into a more easy going brain, completely stopping your overthinking pattern will be difficult unless there is a flight or fight mode in your life. That is why the first step is to express to someone you trust. This will help you understand your thinking pattern much better & every time you catch this pattern, you need to turn to something to shift your focus & let go unwanted thoughts

2. Create A Ritual Before Any Major Task

Enjoying the process is the most difficult task. Sometimes we forget that results come from being consistent in taking action. But trying isn’t enough, you need to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself in the now.

I remember when I used to exercise 6-7 years ago, before starting the training session or in fact before studying as well I used to be super motivated. But once I entered the gym looking at the environment around me I used to be intimidated by how people were doing things confidently & I used to then underplay my potential by doubting the whole process. I was so conscious of my actions

Asking myself again & again, am I doing this right, I hope I’m not looking too fat, I hope this exercise is correct, do I need to take protein shakes to lose fat?, do I only need to eat salad?, that guy over there is drinking some different kind of water, I wonder what is it? Should I ask him? No let it be, he will sell me some dangerous shit. And this was never ending. 

The problem was I was not enjoying the process, only worrying. And when your focus is on problems you end up finding more problems. The solution to this is creating a ritual that enables your mind to prepare itself & focus on the next big task & break that overthinking pattern. 

A ritual that will enable you to get your mindset & your thought pattern sorted before you start your major work. The best way to do it is by learning from world class athletes.

 How To Stop Overthinking? Overcome Overthinking
Michael Phelps – Most Decorated Olympian Of All Time

Warming up your body physically or mentally by listening to good music that will place you in a relaxed state of mind. It can be reading 3-4 pages of an easily digestible book. It can be some kind of a prayer. It can be anything until it serves the purpose of preparing your mind & body for the next big task. Something that will help you to focus in the now

& once you have that, your concentration will increase because now the overthinking pattern will be taken over by mindful thinking. 

3. Build Faith Not Fear

In any given situation you have the option to choose. I would suggest choosing faith because fear has already drowned you enough looking at the current environment of social network capitalism. 

The concept of faith is best learned from Viktor E. Frankl’s life experience. The author of “Man’s Search For Meaning.” The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust

If you don’t know him, he was a Holocaust Surviver. He survived from the Nazi Camp with not even subcutaneous fat left on his body. He survived from a Nazi Camp, where most prisoners were victims of constant overthinking spiral, fear, brutality, vanished from all human rights. He survived from a prison cell where somedays in order to save a dying person’s life, other prisoners would give their one time a day ration of a half piece of bread to the person who needed it the most that day. 

Because nobody knew who would wake up the next day & who wouldn’t. 

4. Taking Action Builds Belief

Once you start taking action, somehow your belief just gets stronger & stronger. 

Some people merely exist in this world whereas some people just occupy the world they want to build. Unless you don’t take action from what you learn from the courses that you take, YouTube tutorials, books that you read, speeches that you listen to, it is as good as dead. Because there is no momentum. 

I explain this many times. It’s like the chicken & egg story. What comes first? Some people give themselves the excuse that once my mindset is sorted then I’ll start doing this, start doing that. And some people just take action & thrash out overthinking & fear out of their system. They believe more in execution rather than just figuring out. 

It’s time you stop figuring out & take that leap of faith. 

5. Change Your Environment To Change The Pattern Of Overthinking

We are what we are because of our environment. Both mental & physical environment. When your thoughts & actions are influenced by your external environment, things that you hear, see & feel fearful of on a regular basis, you don’t have any more control on your thoughts. 

Most people fail to unlock the pattern of feeling fearful & constant overthinking because of the likely chaotic environment that they have been living in for years & years. It has become their default mindset. They are constantly feeding chaos without even realizing it. 

That is why people often tell themselves “I have always been this way” 

6. Practice Patience

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Once you start putting efforts, it is so natural to expect results. But it is not natural to always expect substantial results. The only reason that you didn’t get substantial results because your efforts were not enough & your faith in the process was not enough mentally, physically & strategically. 

And in order to develop all the areas & create results that you want, it will all come to you once you are consistently taking action mentally, physically & strategically. And once you get results you will realize you have climbed a mountain of patience. Only because you are patient & constantly taking action, right things will come to you at the right time. So keep at it. Everything has a melting point. 

Take Action Now. Choose Faith Not Fear. 

To Your Success

Comment down below for any strategies that you use to overcome overthinking or any more ideas you would like me to discuss.

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How To Stop Overthinking The Past? How To Stop Overthinking The Future? How To Stop Overthinking and Relax? How To Stop Overthinking and Take Action?
How To Stop Overthinking The Past? How To Stop Overthinking The Future? How To Stop Overthinking and Relax? How To Stop Overthinking and Take Action?
How To Stop Overthinking The Past? How To Stop Overthinking The Future? How To Stop Overthinking and Relax? How To Stop Overthinking and Take Action?
How To Stop Overthinking The Past? How To Stop Overthinking The Future? How To Stop Overthinking and Relax? How To Stop Overthinking and Take Action?

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