7 Ways To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset

7 Ways To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset

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Do you get afraid & overwhelmed when you are faced by a challenge which is out of syllabus? Do you hesitate to take action only because you presume the outcome to be unsuccessful? Do you just don’t feel good & mentally ready about changing your current situation because of fear of failure?

Well, let me tell you a secret. At no point in life you should feel that anything is impossible. The journey of changing yourself always comes with a set of questions. Whether I’ll be able to do this? I hope I’m not too old for this? This seems difficult. I just don’t know whether I’ll succeed or not? I don’t have the right skills to do it & on & on & on. 

Why do some people get excited when they are put up against a challenge & some people just chicken out? Why do some people adapt to change easily & some people just stay where they are.

I have got another set of secrets for you to shift your fixed mindset to a growth mindset

1. Focus On Success 

Your desire to succeed should be much greater than the fear of failure.

You have to show your mind a new picture. A picture of possibilities,  picture of successful outcomes. If you practice imagining and visualizing negative outcomes, you will attract negative situations.

You become what you practice. Practice feeling good, practice optimism, look for opportunities, look for solutions. Don’t let your mind confine you by obstacles. Train your mind to desire success. If anybody else can do it, you can model it too. Just need the right intentions. 

2. Don’t Focus On How? Focus On Why?

At this current moment. Ask yourself why you want to do it. Once you have such clarity, your focus will directly shift to what success will feel like to you when you achieve it. What is the reason you want to do something? It can be your family, your kids, your parents, for self respect, you want to be a provider, you want to help other people, etc. 

Knowing how to do it is very good. It is a technical aspect of your journey. Of Course skills are important. But knowing why you are doing is a very powerful emotion to your mind which helps you give a long term vision. Your purpose will give you strength & inspiration. This enables you to be fearless & take that leap of faith. 

3. Always Follow A System Driven Approach

As I said, once you know why you are doing it your focus automatically shifts to a brighter side. You become fearless & confident. At this point of time what you need is a system.

A system that you can follow, a system that can challenge you, a system which makes you better every single day. It can be as little as creating a morning routine for yourself, planning your weekly tasks, monitoring & reviewing goals. 

When you have a system, taking action becomes easy. 

4. Surround Yourself With Greatness

You are the average of 5 people you hangout with. Period!

Either you shape the environment or the environment shapes you. For you to change, you need to change your environment both, internally & externally & the fastest way to do that is by hanging out with people who are already top performers in their respective fields. 

How does it feel when you enter a hospital? You don’t feel good right? You don’t like the smell of the medical liquids right? It is a mentally depressing environment as you are surrounded with so much  . See how the environment affects your mind? 

So start listening to people who are top performers, start learning & implementing what they teach. 

5. Learn & Implement Something New Every Day

The age-old formula of having a growth mindset is to build a learning mentality, the habit of learning & implementing something new about life every single day.

This habit will enable you to have a good night sleep, that satisfaction of creating value in your life. It will empower you with so much confidence that going forward in your self improvement journey, these small efforts will compound into massive results. So never stop learning, never stop getting inspired. 

6. Choose Faith Not Fear

The biggest ability that you have is to choose. On any given day faith defeats failure, only if you choose. The emotion of fear will only bring more fearful possibilities & situations. But when you choose faith, decide to be courageous, nothing will seem impossible. 

This part is easy to understand but difficult to implement. The secret to keep on learning & implementing new things is simply to build faith & be an action taker.

7. Wait For The Compounding Results

The idea is to become a successful person not just dress like one & success takes time, it requires nourishment, it takes effort every single day. It requires constant discipline & good intentions. 

When you first sow a seed into the ground, you might not see the flower blooming 1 inch for a few weeks sometimes, because till that time it is still making its roots stronger to uphold the climb. Same goes with life, whatever you sow will not go waste till you nourish it every single day. It will bloom as any other flower, any other successful person. Just keep at it.


To Your Success

How To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset?// How To Build A Growth Mindset?
#personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #successmindset
How To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset?// How To Build A Growth Mindset?
#personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #successmindset
How To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset?// How To Build A Growth Mindset?
#personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #successmindset
How To Shift From Fixed Mindset To Growth Mindset?// How To Build A Growth Mindset?
#personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #successmindset

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