10 Benefits Of Personal Development Habits At Your Workplace

10 Benefits Of Personal Development Habits At Your Workplace

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“People Don’t Pay You For Your Time Spent, They Pay You For The Value You Add”

Productivity is directly proportional to the kind of value a person brings to the table. This value is developed by personal development. By constantly improving yourself. But often you come across organisations who are only alive on billboards, on their office signages. When you get inside an office, you feel a hollow atmosphere which sometimes makes me think, glad I didn’t join this office or chose to not work at such dull places.

 I’m sure money matters, but if there is more value automatically money will follow. But it doesn’t matter whether you are an employee or an employer. Anybody can practice personal development habits. You don’t have to wait for somebody to tell you to start improving yourself, because the value you create for yourself & the people around you always comes back to you as wealth & much more. And when you are creating wealth, it’s like seasons, it will keep coming back.

 And I have 10 reasons why practicing personal development habits should be a part of your workplace

1. Productivity

Why is it one person is more productive than the other? They both spend the same amount of time . Difference is the kind of value one brings to the table. What if every employee of your organisation could replicate this value creation. Growth could be 10X

A person is only as productive as he enjoys the work. Obviously you are not dealing with robots. Inculcating personal development habits will empower people with new skills, better life systems. You don’t have to impose anything. 

You just have to show a different path, a path that can help them do their work better. A better approach. This will directly impact the company’s overall productivity. And when on an individual level people start getting better results at work, they are more likely to enjoy their work ultimately lifting the productivity game in all aspects of their lives

2. People Feel Valued

People Don’t Care How Much You Know, People Care About How Much You Care.

Clearly insurance cover does not justify the caring nature of organisations. You have to understand that people make companies, companies don’t make people. The more the value you add into your people or yourself, the more value comes back. 

The most important feeling in this world for a human being is the feeling of importance. Everybody wants to feel important & guess what? life reciprocates what you give 

3. More Value Brings More Wealth

The only way to create more wealth is not by spending a lot of time at one place, but by adding more & more value. Because people pay for your value, not your time 

And the best investment that you can do is on you & your people. 

4. Employee Retention 

Employees leave organisations if there is no growth opportunity or not an ideal working environment. Both go hand in hand. You can’t have only an ideal working environment, because it won’t pay bills and you can’t have only growth, people will not be able to sustain long. 

What you need is to teach yourself & your people is how to create value for themselves & for people around them. Creating value brings more wealth, more wealth will bring a sense of achievement amongst people, followed by a positive atmosphere. And people are more likely to repeat this behavior as everybody likes to feel positive

5. Skills For Life

Kind of a long term investment into yourself & your people. The values & skills that you teach people through personal development habits is something useful for the entire lifetime. 

On any given day you have an advantage over your competition. 

6. Positive Work Environment

Everybody likes being around positive people, people who inspire, people who encourage.. Try and not make your workplace a dull hotspot. Make it a hotspot of positivity & enthusiasm. That only comes when people are consistently taking actions & consistently producing positive results. But it all starts with a positive thought process. 

The end result is a work environment where work doesn’t feel like work. It becomes much more than just work. 

7. People Feel A Sense Of Achievement 

The objective of adding value into other people’s lives is to empower them. When you empower people, you are making them realize their self worth. That itself is a big sense of achievement.

& when they actually perform their tasks willingly & successfully, they will never forget who taught them to achieve this way. 

8. No Employee Mentality

The idea is to think out of the box. Empower people with such values & systems that enable them to think out of the box. An employee mentality is a disease for that person. Help him.

Break the stereotype. 

9. Faster Growth

Developing oneself only makes things better. Most importantly, it makes growth much faster. Your growth depends on how you produce results. You can only produce great results when you are capable of the actions required to take.

Such a step would require a person to have access to resources that can help him be a better person at what he does. Self Improvement & Personal Development is one such resource. 

10. Sense Of Ownership

When you watch a football match where your favourite team is playing, you badly want them to win. If the team doesn’t win, you also feel bad. Reason being, you were also somehow involved in the process of winning the game miles & miles away from your TV screen. That means you feel a sense of ownership into your favourite team that is why you wanted to win.

When was the last time you thought about your company, your work like this or tried to inculcate this feeling of ownership into your people by adding value into their lives? When you have a sense of ownership, you realize your worth, you realize how important it is to succeed as a team.

Adding value to yourself or your people only develops a sense of ownership. I mean, this is just a textbook MBA. The most fundamental leanings a person can have. 

10 Benefits of Personal Development Habits #personaldevelopment #selfimprovement
Personal Development- 10 Benefits Self Improvement Habits #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment
Personal Development-10 Benefits Of Self Development Habits at your work place. #selfdevelopment #productivity //Self help #habits
Personal Development Tips- Benefits Of Personal Development Habits In Life#selfimprovementtips #personaldevelopment #selfhelp
Personal Development- 10 Benefits Of Self Developement In Life #selfimprovement #selfdevelopment

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