6 Ways To Build More Patience

6 Ways To Build More Patience

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Skipping, hopping & jumping all over your goals is as good as having a bad poop. It’s an unpleasant experience mentally & physically & I know you didn’t ask for that. 

Obviously you asked for good results, substantial results in whatever you are doing right now. 

But you also know because you are not patient enough, you are not able to complete even a small task. That leads to putting half efforts. That follows with gaining half results & that leads to an unpleasant pooping like experience & that follows building more lack of faith in everything. 

But Hey!!

“Losing a fight doesn’t mean you have lost the battle”

Here is what you need to do

1. Condition Your Mind 

There is no certification course on building more patience. So rather than blaming the situation, look within. 

This is what your mind tells you every minute!

Why am I not getting any results?

Am I doing it right?

I think this is not right

Maybe this was a wrong decision

Maybe the other plan was right, this is not the way to do

I am not from this field 

I will take too long to succeed

He did it despite having less experience than me

You have been practicing & feeding the wrong vocabulary all this time. That is why even without realizing your mind starts to make so much noise with negative thoughts whilst you are trying to pursue your dreams. You didn’t know that a coin always has two sides

Condition your mind to have faith. To believe. 

“Once You Choose Hope, Anything Is Possible” –Christopher Reeve

2. Build Tolerance

Understand the power of compounding. The only way to build tolerance is to embrace the situation, accept the situation as it is. 

The idea is to protect your attitude. Idea is not to give up in that situation. Push a little extra every time. This is where compounding will show you its magic

One thing at a time compounds into exponential growth. Just keep at it. Everything has melting point

image credit- http://garytoons.com/index.php/comic/snowball-effect/

3. Learn To Respond

There is a difference between having a sense of urgency & being impatient. 

Being impatient shows your inability to accept things as they are. You think everything is simple, but you don’t want to accept that it is not going to be easy. You don’t want to embrace temporary pain or failure. 

Well, you can’t control the situation, what you can control is yourself. The way you adapt, the way you respond. Impatience will only bring more chaos. 

Give yourself sometime to gain perspective. Ask the right questions, ask empowering questions!

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4. Don’t Look For An Escape

The problem is that your focus is scattered.

The idea of having a plethora of options is too good to be true in practicality. You have manually created a list of things you want to fail at. This attitude of “if not this then that” has led you to always have an escape plan for yourself. 

If a flight will keep changing it’s path every now & then, it will never reach its destination. Instead what you need is a system driven approach.

When there is a system, a routine in place, workflow becomes easy. You start enjoying the process.

Find Purpose Not Excuses

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5. Look At The Bigger Picture

“When your purpose is bigger than your problems, you can sail through storms”

The only reason you will not be able to sail through is because you think short term. 

Being successful is a constant state of mind. It’s a lifestyle & it takes time. 

Don’t get bothered by small obstacles. Shift your focus to a bigger purpose, that will keep you going & refrain you from changing the track. 

Your goals should be the source of strength, not weakness.

6. Be Fearless

Don’t hold yourself from taking action, from falling down. If you hold yourself, it will only bring more insecurity. Just go all guns blazing in. 

Failure will only bring you learnings. Learning will bring you more confidence.

“Whatever you want to achieve is on the other side of fear”

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