10 Things Tony Stark Taught Me

10 Things Tony Stark Taught Me

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This list doesn’t include playboy qualities of Tony Stark, however some superhero qualities that I have picked up &  implemented in my life. It can help you too. 

I express my heartiest gratitude to the creators of Iron Man & Robert Downey Jr. for creating what they created, in a way that has made hell of a difference into so many people’s lives whether consciously or unconsciously.

Here is what Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man Taught me..

1. Be Fearless

If anyone has got bulletproof confidence, that is Tony Stark. The man carries himself in a way as if there is no tomorrow. 

After all,

“Fortune Favours The Brave”

No matter what the challenge is, he is always head on against it. Of Course a super hero has to be fearless. But that doesn’t make him less of a human. 

& that is why this quality applies to us as well.

Fearless people are the ones to leap forth boundaries of society & are not afraid of challenges or changes. 

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2. Be Optimistic

I mean, if risk assessment is supposed to be a subject in college, one of the lectures should be taken by Tony Stark. 

On how the hell to be dangerously optimistic & at the same time making sure there is damage control done whenever required.

It is one of the greatest qualities of top notch leaders. They can see what other people can’t see. That is what makes them great

3. Be Empathetic 

Not just to animals but to humans, who carry so much baggage of emotions. He seems to be a person who first comes across as arrogant. That is only because of his past. 

Moving forward into the relationship with the character, I realized he is as empathetic as any mother is to her child. I think he knows where he comes from. The past has taught him great learnings.

Especially that sour relationship that he experiences with his father humbles him down. The way he looks at society & its subjects, his colleagues is sometimes heart warming. 

So never forget where you come from. 

4. Always Think Out Of The Box

For Tony Stark life is easy when he is always thinking out of the box. It is his normal state of mind. 

The secret behind this quality is that he focuses more on finding solutions, providing solutions rather than seeking solutions. 

Unlike many of us who always focus on problems & end up discovering more problems to subside the earlier problem. Notice the chain???

5. Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company

You don’t necessarily need people to entertain yourself. At the top of the success chain, leadership is a lonely business. 

Whether you have reached there or aspire to reach, people will only follow you till they have got their share of honey. Very few people survive at the top. That is why you don’t have 10 CEOs’ for a company.

So it’s important to love yourself, give yourself some importance & constantly work on yourself. 

iron man

6. Look After Your Loved One’s 

Charity starts at home. Many of you want to make an impact on society. Many of you want to transform peoples’ lives. Your intentions are great! But if you are not even able to  look after people who care about you, it’s difficult to make an impact on the world. 

Simply because, change starts from within, love starts from within, not with out. So don’t take your people for granted. Sort yourself out!

Tony Stark was rich AF. But what is that money to use if you can’t lovingly provide to your people. But he really looked after his people.

7. Go Big or Go Home

There is only one life &  If you are going to do something, better set high standards. Because people with low standards anyways are going to be kicked out. 

“When you aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among stars”

8. A Taste For Sarcasm

The idea is simple. There is enough bad in the world. Why waste a single more second on being fearful while we have a choice to embrace joyfulness? That too in abundance. 

Laughter & joy is something that brings everybody close. It’s a common trait we share among ourselves. And everybody likes being around people who make them laugh, who make them feel good. 

So don’t take yourself so seriously. You are not even making a dent of a difference into this 7 billion pool of people. 

Instead create bonds through laughter & joy not through negativity, hate & jealousy. 

9. Enjoy What You Do

Tony Stark never wanted to be a superhero in the first place. But he used to enjoy making machines that offer convenience & protection to society. This constant joy of working on something you love led to developing the first Iron Man suit. 

& the rest is history

He comes across as a person who is never worried about his work (also because he is filthy rich), despite the responsibility of protecting the whole world. 

Reason being, when you enjoy something you do, work doesn’t feel like work. It becomes recreational. 

You should not work to kill time. You should work to create value. People don’t pay you for the time you spend, people pay you for the value you provide.

10. To Be A Team Player

No matter how arrogant or intelligent he gets, his team’s safety has always been the number one priority. 

What is that intelligence use of if it doesn’t inspire the people you work with or live with. If it doesn’t inspire people to work with you.

When you work with the intention of being a team player, challenges will feel like just another normal day at work. 

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