6 Ways To Get More Perspective In Life

6 Ways To Get More Perspective In Life

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But why perspective is important? Answer is to make better decisions, being mindful of what you are doing. Because you make decisions at every stage in your life. 

Ever got a tiny panic attack before saying yes to a job you don’t know whether you are good at? Or saying yes to a relationship just after you got out of another?

Ever felt stuck in a process of making something happen? Do you doubt yourself a lot? 

Sometimes it happens that your mind starts making a lot of noise & in that very situation you are on a mental roller coaster. You just feel like breaking up with the world. 

Asking yourself the right questions also becomes difficult.

Maybe you need more perspective. The more self aware you are, you can see things in different light.

The ability to make better decisions is a quality great leaders have. And these are the ways they develop it. 

1. Take A Pause

Peace of mind is a luxury these days.

It’s ok to take a pause, it’s ok to take a deep breath & observe your thoughts. No need to rush through decisions. 

In order to move two steps forward, one step backwards still places you in a positive bracket. 

Objective is to come out of yourself and rejuvenate yourself

Find a quick escape. An escape that can help you be mindful. It can be as basic as sitting in your backyard, just wandering & observing nature.

 Eating healthy food can also be your escape. Playing some music, listening to music, dancing & among other things. 

2. Learn To Listen Better

Statistics say that people only remember 25% of what they listen to. 

So it’s time you keep an open mind of learning.

One is as good a leader as he is a follower & as good a speaker as he is a listener. Great leaders & motivational speakers are receptive. They listen to understand, to respond. 

If your best friend suddenly tells you that she is engaged, I’m sure it’s going to take a while to digest. And the best case scenario will be you going bonkers with a list of curses already getting programmed in your head. 

But very few will respond WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! & that’s normal. 

But it is not normal when you start reacting or start taking decisions, when you know that you are not prepared. So put aside that chaos mindset, egoistic mindset & start listening. 

Start listening to understand, start listening to empathize with people, start listening to learn from people. 

3. Read Good Books

A man’s best friend is a dog & not a book. Book is more like that person who out of nowhere comes into your life & teaches you lessons for life. 

I understand reading can be boring, that is why you have to read purposefully, read books that are relevant in finding solutions you seek. 

A book can give you 100 times more perspective than a normal human being. 

For that, you don’t have to focus on how fast you can finish a book, you have to focus on how much you can understand & retain what you read. 

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4. Watch Good Movies 

Movies are glorified versions of books. But hey! If it helps you find answers or if you know how to look for answers, you are good to go. 

The movies that you watch have been CREATED by a person. That creation has come from a thought, a perspective. The filmmaker was successful in conveying the message of the story beautifully, that is why the movie was successful. 

But, what are you doing?

Don’t just consume movies, learn from them, draw inspiration from them. You never know what will just click!

5. Listen To Podcasts 

Podcasts are glorified versions of conversations. Because you are so self indulgent, you must come out of your self & listen to people having a conversation & pick up learnings from them 

Listen from people who have already achieved what you intend to achieve. Feed some positive vocabulary into your subconscious mind. 

6. A Self Assessment Habit- Journal

Shakespeare created what he created by writing great plays. 

The idea is to be one with yourself, to get some clarity, to be self aware of your negative thoughts. You can only do that my coming out of yourself i.e by expressing. One way to express, is by maintaining a daily or a weekly journal. 

In order to be self motivated, you have to draw inspiration from yourself. Because chances are by the end of the day you will forget your goals, you will forget to consciously think positive, you will start overthinking again. 

Before that happens or when it happens, you need to be self aware about your thoughts.

Penning down your positive thoughts or any affirmation will give you a sense of expressing, a sense of mindfulness.  

When you feed your mind with positive thoughts everyday, positive things will manifest for you. 

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