10 Ways To Improve Your Focus!

10 Ways To Improve Your Focus!

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Why is it that every time you start something, quitting seems much easier than becoming successful  in that task?

“Because being able to focus is a matter of habit”


If you have been practicing to give up all your life, you will naturally gravitate towards distractions in whatever you do, maybe starting your own online business, learning a hobby, getting that promotion & likewise many goals that people eventually sacrifice.

On the contrary if you want to achieve something, you need to do things which other people aren’t willing to do. One such thing is developing a laser sharp focus in your life

How to develop a laser sharp focus in life?

1. Listen To Everybody, But Take Advice From Few

Narrow down your circle of influence & you will find that being focused is not so difficult.

Sometimes too much everything overwhelms you. In this case, too much information. When your mind starts to make a lot of noise, when you start doubting yourself, you can’t think of any solution. 

Yes, you should learn from everybody but only take advice which is the best for you. From people who really care about your success, who always uplifts you & gives you a reality check whenever required. 

When your decisions are influenced by fewer but right choices, taking action becomes comfortable. Don’t wait for things to get perfect. Taking action is important

2.Eliminate Distractions

Can’t emphasize it enough. The number one reason people lose their focus is because of distractions. Only way to overcome that is by eliminating it. By keeping it out of sight.

Here is how you can do it!
Write down your goal, time needed to complete it & list down distractions you are getting affected by
For eg- 

Any third grade kid would tell what needs to be done. 

The answer is in the problem itself

If people barge in  when you are working just change the environment. If your time is getting wasted, be more prepared. If you feel hungry, plan out meals accordingly. & why would you want to keep your phone when working despite knowing it is going to distract you? Because of your habit!

But I know you won’t take action. Now you will tell yourself that I know what needs to be done, so I will do it when I feel like it. You will go back to your comfort zone
That is why the time taken column is very important.

 How much time you need to complete that task.  So that you..

3. Have A Sense Of Urgency

If I tell you today, you only have 12 hours left to evacuate yourself until terrorists attack your place. Where do you think your focus will go? In saving your ar*e! 

One way to get the work done is by giving yourself a deadline. 

Make yourself think that there is no other option, you only have these many hours. If you miss it, your other tasks of the day will be affected. 

4. You Are The Average Of 5 People You Hangout With

A shift of focus predominantly happens because of the kind of people you hangout with.

The vocabulary used in this circle of influence, the mindset of people, their actions, their vision & mission in life can help you align your goals and be more focused.

Ask yourself why you have not been able to perform, what skills you need to work on more &

who are these 5 people you want to learn from and what all things you want to learn from them. These people should be top performers of their fields

They may not  be physically accessible, they can be your role models, your favourite movie stars/ characters. 

And every time you face a difficulty, ask yourself what would my role model do in this situation? Would he give up?

5. Come Out Of Your Fear

Fear of failure is only a distraction. Fear of things & situations not being perfect is only a distraction. 

Don’t be outcome driven
Be process driven. 

Enjoy the process. 
But where do you think fear comes from?

6. Stop Overthinking

Great leaders are nothing but action takers. Taking action, moving forward is still progress. 

But by holding yourself back at the same place, by overthinking & feeding fearful thoughts into your mind you cannot achieve what you really want to achieve. 

It only develops self doubt. It only creates a destructive thought process.  

You want to do something. Just do it right away.

7. One Day At A Time

The goal is not to look successful, but be successful. & success takes time, it takes experience, perseverance, dedication, hard work, improvisation, failures. 

& most importantly it takes patience. 

It is of no use thinking about what you want to do in future &  just waiting for things to happen for you, giving yourself the same excuse again & again? 

This illusionary travel into the future is only a waste of time until action precedes. 

When you think about what needs to be done today in order to make a better tomorrow, you can actually get more work done. 

8. Organize Yourself, Your Priorities

Everybody has 24 hours in this world.

“When your priorities are not sorted, your focus is also not sorted, it’s scattered”


With this scattered focus you can only expect scattered results. 

How long you do a task doesn’t matter, how effectively you do matters. 

So when you do things which need to be done at the right time, your productivity increases. 

So work while you work, play while you play

9. Don’t Use Motivation, Use Inspiration

“Motivation is like gas, inspiration is like oxygen”


When you depend on external situations & materials to get motivated, you will get bored after some time. You will only focus on results rather than focusing on the process. You will get desperate for results. 

On the contrary, when you are inspired within, you don’t wait for things to happen, you don’t wait to be motivated, you just do what needs to be done & enjoy the process.

10. Keep Yourself Energized 

Don’t forget to eat. Don’t forget to breathe. Don’t forget to rejuvenate. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself.

You are not eating for survival, you are eating for performance. Practicing habits that keep you energized will drastically impact your focus & then productivity.

Research has shown that when you train your body, when you eat correctly & rest effectively, your body becomes more immune to both internal & external stress over a period of time. 

Drop of energy can’t be an excuse if you want to be an ace in your field. 
Take Action Today!


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