Anatomy Of How Choices In Life Makes You Or Breaks You

Anatomy Of How Choices In Life Makes You Or Breaks You

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Days pass by but still you can’t take that first step. You don’t even realize how did you come to that situation afterall.

It all comes down to the choices that you make on a daily basis & throughout.

For instance, you can choose to read this article right now & make yourself realize & take action upon it, on things like..

1. The Art Of Snoozing

It starts with as little as hitting the snooze button in the morning.

You can choose to start your day either by snoozing your alarm or by snoozing your comfort zone. But trust me this will not make a substantial difference in your life or maybe it will. 

Because you know that is not the first time you have done it & it’s not the last time also. 

Guess what? Maybe it’s the way you live your life entirely! 

That is a disease. It is called Procrastination.

When your first decision of the day is itself to snooze, what do you think happens to your  mindset first & then your actions. 

You start snoozing everything in your life. Your work, family, relationships, your health, money & building up your self respect also. 

Now that you have mastered this art of snoozing, the question is what you can do about it? I mean if you really want to?

Only one simple answer to this. 

Be Purpose Driven. Have goals to look forward to, not sources of entertainment. 

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2. The Art Of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

The greater concern is later in the day, when you are around people. Because not everybody is as empathetic as Captain America

You really don’t want to get in an argument with your family members or your colleagues once you headstart your day. But there is no guarantee of such a peaceful situation though. 

That is why you have to choose how to respond to people when you have to. 

Because hey! I know you owe these people of yours nothing that they deserve to be respected & treated with dignity, but then just don’t be a pain in the a*se. 

Because if you don’t know the art of empathizing with people, you should keep your mouth shut. Or maybe learn how to empathize

Or for starters learn to listen better. Because you don’t know whether that person is going to live tomorrow or not so better leave him on a positive note.  

The objective here is to protect your attitude! 

Because when you choose to be empathetic, to emphasize on things that you agree with rather than things you differ with, when you choose to forgive, you are protecting your attitude. 

So next time choose to respond, not react. 

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3. The Art Of Binge Everything

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Netflix, Work, Gaming, Tinder,  foof! 

 guilt full spending, sleeping, overthinking, food, drinking judging other people, etc

I understand not all people do this. 

People who have made Instagram & Facebook what it is today seem to be focused on their goals. Same goes with every other company mentioned above. 

They are doing what needs to be done. What are you doing? How are you making even an inch of a difference into your life & then other people’s life.

The choices that you make today will determine your future.

So choose to educate yourself, choose to keep yourself healthy & not entertain yourself throughout

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4. The Art Of Negative Bias 

Personally I am in love with this artist. The picture defines negative bias so beautifully.

Image Credit- Gemma Correll

And in real life also we only gravitate towards negativity first. We choose to be defensive rather than facing the challenge head on! 

            We choose to listen to people who themselves never could achieve anything & restricts other people from achieving . 

We choose to only emphasize on what you disagree on. If that is the case with you, it is not too late. 

Choose friends who are uplifting, listen to people who empower you, educate you. Choose to look at the positive side of a situation. 

Take Action Today! 

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