Thinking To Quit? Read This Before Quitting!

Thinking To Quit? Read This Before Quitting!

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Problem is not that you are quitting, the problem is that you are losing faith in yourself!

In this world of 7 billion people you are only a fraction of a percentage. Quitting won’t make the smallest of dent into this world. 

The only dent you make is on your self esteem, if you are quitting for the wrong reasons. And you know you are!

What makes people grow is challenges. If you are not willing to break your comfort zone, then I’m sorry, even if Bruce Lee tries to motivate  you in person then also you will quit. Because that has become your habit. A way of living. Always looking out for escape. 

That is why you only crave for instant gratification, instant success. If it were so easy, all 7 billion people would have been successful. But it is not the case. 

98% of the people who give up on their goals end up working for 2% of the people who never give up on their goals. Want to be in the 2%?


1. Don’t give up, not today!

Whatever task you have taken up, ask yourself honestly. Have you really done justice to your role? Have you really given your 100% at the job? 

If you were the boss of a company, would you be happy with your average performing employees? No right?

Then how can you be satisfied with your own average performance? 

But the question is did you do anything about it? Did you really condition your mind to achieve big? Did you really do what needs to be done? Maybe not! 

That is why people who did the right things are successful instead of you

If not, start by being your own boss now onwards. 

If you have taken up a task, finish that task. Respect yourself.

Whatever time you spend pursuing a task, don’t do it half heartedly. It is as good as not doing it.

Half efforts will give you half results. 

Start asking yourself empowering questions rather than destructive ones. 

2. Get More Perspective

Problem is not that you are quitting, the problem is that you are losing faith in yourself. 

First you start losing faith in the system, then your people around you, you start to feel the whole world is conspiring against you, then eventually you lose faith in yourself. 

In order to be a good leader, you need to be a good follower. 


Life has become an impulse game. You feel happy, you like to do it. You find the task difficult, you try to escape. You make extra money, you feel good. You make a little less money in your business, you feel like quitting. 

The fact is, you don’t want to face reality. You still want to be in your own cocoon. You still haven’t realized that college is over. 

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3. Don’t wait for things to happen. You are entitled to nothing!

The world owes you nothing. If you want to make things happen, nobody will do it for you, you have to do it yourself because it’s your dream! 

The amount of money that you want to make, that promotion you want, that house you want to buy next year, increasing your business by 10 times in the next two years. It’s in your hands! 

If all your life you have been expecting things to happen why do you think you are looking to quit?

Success doesn’t make you happy, but being happy will definitely make you successful. You should be the source of happiness for other people, you should be the source of inspiration for other people, you should be the source of strength & wisdom for other people. 

Success starts from within.

4. Realize Your Face Value

The results you get is nothing but your face value, your worth for the efforts you put in. 

“ You don’t get what you dream of, You get what you deserve”

So if you think your worth is much more than the current state you are in, you need to increase your efforts. 

But the problem is social media will not be able to give you a reality check. 

Your experiences will. 

5. Let Your Success Make The Noise (in your head too)

Don’t be famous for the wrong reasons, don’t be overwhelmed for the wrong reasons, don’t let people remember you for wrong reasons. 

If you really want to lead, lead by good examples. 

Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up” – Elon Musk

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