How To Stop Over Thinking Right Now?

How To Stop Over Thinking Right Now?

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Overthinking is definitely killing your thoughts, your thinking ability, your ability to respond to situations, even responding to your own people is a challenge sometimes. 

But it’s not your mistake if you got into that state unknowingly, but it is definitely your mistake if you keep doing that again & again & don’t lift yourself up.

Because this cycle will never stop unless you do this. 

1. Get A Job!


Taking action is more powerful than merely planning or over analyzing. Thinking is much more effective when you take action, when you come out of yourself. 

When your mind starts making a lot of noise, there is no clarity. There is no peace of mind. And that has do with the SHIFT OF FOCUS. 

When you have something productive to focus, your energy flows there. On the contrary if you focus on something that drains your energy, your mental state will always be down. 

“Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” – Tony Robbins

So if you focus on problems, you will find problems but when you focus on solutions, you find solutions as well.

Shift of focus is as little as pursuing hobby, playing your favourite sport, watching good movies, taking up a course & doing what needs to be done.

2. Ask Empowering Questions & Not Destructive Ones 

The biggest mistake we do is we don’t ask ourselves the right questions.

You should ask questions that will give you direction, will give you clarity. 

Why didn’t  I perform well last month despite the right plan?

✔️ How can I go about reviewing my actions & mindset & make things right next time?

What am I lacking at?

✔️ How can I maximize my strengths & minimize my weaknesses?

Why am I becoming cranky day by day?

✔️ How can I change my environment to be in a good state of mind?

Why is it that people just don’t understand me?

✔️ How can I understand what people actually want?

Why do only bad things happen to me all the time?

✔️ What am I Grateful for in my life?

Why is it I always fail at doing anything?

✔️ How can I develop a never give up attitude?

Why am I not growing in life? 

✔️ How can I challenge myself every single day to break my comfort zone?

3. Count Your Blessings

Make a list of things that you are grateful for in life. 

  1. There is food on my table
  2. There is fresh water running into the tap
  3. There is roof over my head
  4. I have a loving wife
  5. I have the most excited dog in the world 
  6. I have my parents who are pillars of my life
  7. I have uplifting friends
  8. I am fortunate to write this article right now, because I know it will definitely help those in need
  9. I am fortunate enough to study 
  10. I am fortunate i completed my school education
  11. I am fortunate to finish my college education
  12. I am fortunate to have experience from so many different field 
  13. I am fortunate enough that somebody created the internet & now it has made world such a small, yet a beautiful place to connect

I can go on & on. So can you & you know that!

When you focus on what you actually have, it gives you hope, it gives you strength, it gives you clarity.  

And when you focus on what you don’t have, it gives you worry, it gives you self doubt

Take Action Today! 

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