How To Put Minimum Effort & Gain Maximum Output In Your Work?

How To Put Minimum Effort & Gain Maximum Output In Your Work?

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I have the ingredients of creating maximum results in very minimum time. Hold tight for the next 3 minutes.

This is not for lazy people though. It’s for people who are always action driven & want to learn how to utilize their time more effectively.

Because these principles are supposed to be implemented, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. 

These principles are applicable in all walks of life. Be it your fitness goals, sales targets, getting other people to perform as well, making money, etc

How To Define Minimum Effort?

Minimum effort doesn’t mean to do little work. That is laziness. And little work will give you little results. 

In this context, minimum effort is to do work more effectively in less time. But doing it effortlessly. 

It is to do with your mindset. It is working on what is actually important.

1. Invest in Yourself

One way to grow fast is to improve your skills, rather improve yourself in every aspect of life

In order to do this you need to invest money, time, ideas & resources as well. 

In short, there is no free lunch. “What you sow, you shall reap

For instance you can’t expect a bamboo tree to grow if someone wouldn’t have sown a seed, nourish it by watering it, providing it with sunlight. 

That is why in its 5th year a bamboo tree grows substantially and much faster than last 4 years

Bamboo Growth Process

The advantage of investing in yourself is to constantly break your comfort zone. And when you get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, your work will not seem like hard work.

And when you start giving importance to yourself & your work, people will start giving importance to you

So ask yourself, when was the last time you invested in a course of your respected field

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2. Learn From The Best

The most effective way to learn is to learn from the best. If you want to learn finance, you should not learn from your college teacher, you should learn from someone who is actually practicing financial principles in real life and growing their wealth

That will save you time & time is money. There is an ocean of knowledge available on the internet. But you don’t have as much time to cover all that. 

Find an industry leader or expert who knows his shit that works for him and his followers. 

Don’t be a part of FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)  group

Don’t go wandering around to find 10 different things you know that are not important. 

Keep it simple, keep a blank mindset & take action.

3. Following A System Driven Approach

How & why do you think a franchise business model works so well? Because they have a system in place.

You can definitely make a better burger than McDonalds if you try, but it will be very difficult to build a business like McDonalds if you don’t have a system in place

That is why leaders and managers are supposed to get the work done though their counterparts. They can’t do all the work

Similarly, you need to build or adapt a system to follow around your life. 

Following a result oriented system can be the most profitable to you in a very less time.

4. Keep Small Goals

When you learn to achieve small goals consistently, eventually you become good at achieving bigger goals in life with the system that you already followed while achieving smaller goals.

Ever seen a domino effect? 

The momentum of achieving goals consistently can create wonders cumulatively 

Inspired Action Domino Effect

5. One Thing At A Time

When you have a laser sharp focus, you can cut through clutter much more faster

Too many choices only hold you back. As Gary Keller says in his book, The One Thing- ” You want fewer distractions and less on your plate”

When you do a task at hand effectively, the next task is completely a fresh one that you will enter.

This will also help you to keep your stress down. Tracking & monitoring process your goals also becomes more efficient.

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6. Have A Sense Of Urgency

Everybody on the planet has 24 hours. How you manage your time will define how capable of a person you really are in the long run. 

Whatever task you take up has to end.  So that you can review the task at hand before moving to the next one.

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