How To Say No To Anyone When You Have To?

How To Say No To Anyone When You Have To?

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Have You Been A Yes Man All Your Life? Office, Family & Friends Are Not In Your Control. Instead You Are In Their Control? You Know The Situation Is Going To Go Downhill, Then Too You Can’t Resist Helping Them. 

It’s Time You Give Importance To Yourself So That Others Can Realize Your Importance And Not Take You For Granted. I’m Not Saying Not To Help People, I’m Just Saying, Get Your Own Shit Together First! 

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”

But How Will You Say No Without Hurting Anybody?

1. Prioritize Your Daily Tasks First

The reason you give in at most times cab be because you yourself don’t have anything of importance in your life. There is no one focus. 

Sometimes it can be you who is the problem, not your counterpart. If you don’t give respect to your daily work, you can’t expect the same respect back. 

It’s time you have some self respect & make a routine for yourself. 

And when you adhere to that work routine of yours, you will notice that you actually have more time to spare to work on yourself.

Pursue a hobby in that spare time, play a sport, go swimming, go for a quick run, read that book that you always wanted to. Spend time with your family in that matter. 

But Dhrumil, How Will This Help Me Say No??

It is not about learning how to say no. First it’s about doing things that you really want to do, so you don’t have to do things for other peoples dreams

And when they see this attitude of yours, they will start respecting you for respecting yourself. 

This is for starters!!

2. You Can’t Win An Argument, Although You Can Have A Better Conversation. 

If you have been a YES MAN all your life, naturally you also can’t be too vocal about the things you don’t want to do.

So you must have noticed, you tend to lose an argument. 

Instead, next time when you are about to enter an argument, try not to react. That is not your nature. 

Try to respond! 

The best companies in the world like Apple or Google for instance, what makes them best? 

Their loyal customer base! 

And why is it that these customers just keep coming back? Because they understand their customers. 

If one Apple user gives any negative or constructive feedback, do you think Apple will forfeit that person’s use of Apple products? No, Right? 

They will first accept the feedback, whatever it may be. But is it possible for Apple to implement that feedback asap? 

In some cases yes. In some cases no. But whatever may be the case, they will not react, they will respond assertively leaving the customer with some hope that things will be done in near future. 

This can be only done if you have a conversation, not an argument. 

3. Agree Only To Empathize .

When you know in your heart that you are true to yourself, you don’t need to convince people to let it go. You can’t change that person’s opinion or decision. What you can change is your approach. Because now you are in control of yourself not the other way around.

Empathizing with them on the subject matter will surely make them feel heard and important. But it will also make you a better person. And it will only make things better.

4. Don’t Stretch It.

In the end, you have to take a stand for yourself. You have to take a stand for what is right and wrong or good and bad. But you just can’t give in. 

If people leave you, maybe they were not the right people. 


  1. Prioritize Your Daily Tasks First.
  2. You Can’t Win An Argument, Although You Can Have A Better Conversation.
  3. Agree To Only Empathize Them
  4. Don’t Stretch It

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