How To Overcome Your Fears?

How To Overcome Your Fears?

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In the next 3 minutes, I’m going to help you crush your fear to its core!

But one can only bring a donkey closer to water, one cannot drink water on his behalf. He has to do it himself. Same applies to the principles I’m going to share with you.

Apply it and you will overcome your fears.

You will no more be afraid of failing. You will learn how to embrace failures and again fight back life with full throttle.

But What Are You Afraid Of?
a. Rising Debts?
b. Sales Targets?
c. Fear of failing at a hobby/course?
d. Not Achieving Weight Loss Goals?
e. Public Speaking?
f. Poor Communication skills?
g. Death?
h. Fear Of Facing Challenges?

I can go on and on and on… In order to overcome fear let’s first understand what fear actually is?

According to Google Search

So fear is an emotion, a very common emotion. That can arise from any external situation that is not in your control.

These unpleasant situations and experiences feed in constant destructive thoughts. What is in your control however is how you respond?

But I do understand, you will always not be able to respond at first.

For instance, if you are afraid of public speaking and you are about to give your first ever speech, there is every possibility of everything going wrong. But you have to make a conscious effort to find one reason to make it happen.

You have to find that one ray of hope to take the first step. Because trust me, if you are afraid, somebody else is also afraid. Because fear is a common emotion amongst all living species.

If anybody else has been able to overcome fear, in fields that you are dreaming to pursue, that means you can too. Here is how you can do it.

1. Take A Deep Breath & Embrace Fear

“Life happens for you not to you”

That means you are never the victim. So don’t act like one. You often act like one because you don’t accept your failures, you don’t accept the situation as it is. You think you have lost in life and what not.

You have only lost a fight, not the battle.

You have to accept that loss, accept that emotion you have within, feel the fear as you feel happiness. This will make you one with your mind.

Because too much emotion affects your thinking ability. It blocks your ability to respond because who knows that bad situation can help you create a fortune?

Slowly your noise making mind will start getting clarity. Clarity Is Power. Now you are in the right state. And this also means you are normal to have been taken over by fear.

2. Proximity Is Power

An ancient Chinese proverb says that you are the average of five people you hangout with.

If you hang out with people who drain your energy physically and mentally, overcoming not just fear, anything would become impossible.

On the contrary when you look at world leaders, industrialists, philanthropists, people who have been part of several revolutions for the better of this world, they would have never done it with the wrong company of people.

They made a conscious effort to be with or as little as just surrounded with people with high mental state, highest expertise and likewise.

In order to nearly diminish fear within, you need to surround yourself with people who are fearless, who take challenges head on and who are purpose driven.

Or listen to only those entrepreneurs and world leaders or like minded people who have already achieved what you aspire to be.

And in no time without realizing it, you will be out of your comfort zone.

Just Take Action!

3. Your Thoughts Will Dictate Your Actions

Everything starts with a thought!

A thought had occurred in Steve Job’s mind that he wanted to change the way people use computers.This thought has made Apple a cash reserve that is larger than GDP of several countries.

But it is not possible to stop negative thoughts nor situations in that matter. What you can do is minimize them.

Till now you were only practicing to feed negative thoughts even without realizing it.

Now it’s time you change that habit. Start feeding more positive thought by being around right people, reading the right books, listening to the right people and even speaking a positive vocabulary.

Like how you feel fear and negativity, now you have to feel the positive vocabulary and thoughts around you

Positive Thoughts
Happy Feelings
Spoken Positive Vocabulary
Right Action
Positive Results

4. Don’t Be Uncomfortable To Ask For Help

Right people will always help you. And right people always deserve help.

And the fact that this world exists is because there is good in the world. But you can’t see it with a blind eye. You need clarity for that. Clarity should take over your fear

Grow with association. Always ask for help from the right people. If they deny it, don’t worry. It is not their fault. Maybe he/she was not the right person. And also he/she was not the last person.

But if you don’t take action, your circumstances will always dictate your life. Thereby creating unfavourable situations without even you knowing it.

Take Action Today!

1.Take A Deep Breath & Embrace Fear
2. Proximity Is Power
3. Your Thoughts Will Dictate Your Actions
4. Don’t Be Uncomfortable To Ask For Help

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