How To Wake Up At 5 A.M Every Day?

How To Wake Up At 5 A.M Every Day?

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Waking up at 5 A.M does not have to be ugly. Around the globe, people have made so many plans to transform their lives at some point or the other. And lately that plan also includes getting up at 5 A.M everyday.If you are reading this right now, its surely because you also have made many attempts like me and failed at them.

Today I will show you how you can wake up at 5 A.M everyday which has worked wonders for me and surely will work for you if you take action today onwards.

Step 1- Make It Easy

Waking up at 5 A.M does not have to be ugly.

It is so natural for your body to wake up early with the first ray of light. What makes it difficult is your environment. And that environment is your comfort zone. Break that comfort zone in these simple ways

a. Keep your alarm 6-8 feet away from your bed

This will get you moving from your bed, preparing you for a beautiful morning ahead.

b. Instantly reward yourself, your mind and your body

You know why? Because your first choice of the day was fighting that snooze button and eliminating complacency. You can reward yourself with an activity that makes you happy. It can be as little as kissing your partner a good morning kiss. In my case, it’s my dog followed by quick but energetic HIIT workout routine, sometime with a quick dose of caffeine.

Step 2- Partner Up

Several research has shown that having a right partner while pursuing anything in life makes the process fun, enjoying and easily achievable. It also gives a sense of accountability as well as motivation because there will be always someone to answer to or drive inspiration from. So find that partner if necessary.

Step 3- Create A Morning Routine To Follow

You don’t want to wander around like a zombie once you wake up.

Get out of your bed. Make yourself human by following a morning routine to follow.

It can be anything. Learning a new hobby, hitting the gym, reading, meditation, taking your dog out on a walk, going for a quick run, learning something of your field, listening to a podcast.

Following a morning routine that elevates your hormones when half of your competition is still sleeping, is the way you want to go

Step 4- Sleep Effectively

Most underrated, yet most important aspect of any human functioning is one’s sleeping habits. Here are some simple ways to sleep effectively.

a. No Screen Time 1 Hour Before Sleep.

This will help the hormone melatonin, which regulates your body clock to a certain extent and send signals to your brain and body whether its time to sleep or wake up.

b. Creating A Bed Time Routine

One hour before bed time can be considered a peak performance hour as it will determine how your sleep cycle will be.

A best bed time routine should include activities which helps your body to calm down like reading, meditation, listening to soothing music, listening to an audiobook.

This will help you to hit the ground running when it comes to sleeping at the right time.

c. No Eating, No Source Of Caffeine 2 Hours Before Sleeping

Your metabolic activity also determines your sound sleep cycle. Some people say that you should have your last meal before 8 pm. But it can’t be generalised. Each person has a different body clock.

Ideally it should be 2 hours before your bed time. In case of caffeine/alcohol or any other stimulant, it should be consumed 5-6 hours before your bed time as studies show that caffeine interferes with your sleep pattern, if frequency and timing of consumption is not taken care of.

Step 5- Don’t forget step 1

No matter what, you have to enjoy the process. It does not have to be super strict. It just has to be doable over a course of time. And that will only happen if you make it suitable to your personality, your lifestyle and your current circumstances.

And the fact that you have read till this end makes me understand that you are ready to change yourself, ready to take action. If you start taking action today itself, what will it lead to?

Step 6- Building A Winning Habit – Automation

Till now, you had only practiced getting up late and somewhat wasting that crucial time and energy. Now let’s practice winning at life and make that a habit.

Take Action Today!

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