How To Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout?

How To Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout?

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Ever wondered, why do you just give up on your goals in 2 days or a week? How many times you would have given up your weight loss goals, sales goals, parenting goals, etc.But not anymore. I have just the right solution to keep you motivated throughout any habit.

But before that, I want you to understand what being not motivated really is. Being not motivated is equal to being lazy. Lazy not just physically, but mentally. Your thoughts dictate your actions. So if your thoughts and vocabulary aren’t aligned with your desired goals, you need to start conditioning your mind, create that willingness within to achieve your goals.

Because problems have been the same for generations, it’s time you change your approach.

1. Elimination

In life we have too many choices. Choices bring distraction. Distraction will take you out of focus.

If you are planning to lose weight, your priority should be to exercise regularly and not waste time on finding the right gym, finding the right clothes, finding the right accessories. But if you are spending too much time finding the right things than actually doing it, you need to eliminate unnecessary choices in life.

It’s good to be well prepared but if you want to conquer the island, burn your boats!

2. Create An Ideal Environment

Every great army in the world have several protocols. Underneath that protocol is an environment of patriotism, brotherhood, hardcore training, practicing war cries. Just imagine the soldiers guarding the borders were to be distracted by daily struggles of life, as little as parenting a kid. Do you think such an environment is ideal for them? Absolutely not!

Same goes for us. You need to align your goals with an ideal environment. Might as well change the placement of things that suits your goals. Next time you drive for work, put on a podcast. Improve your sleeping habits. Put aside all electronic gadgets 1 hour before sleep.

3. Motivation Doesn’t Last Long. Inspiration Does- Change Your Approach

Motivation is like gas. Inspiration is like oxygen

One motivational video will last you only a few hours. Inspiration can last decades. Motivation is an external push. Inspiration has an inside out approach to it.

How To Develop An Inside Out Approach?

  1. Always look at the bigger picture. It will not make the job easy, it will make the obstacles look small
  2. Hold on to a hobby or an interest. It will help to keep your mind occupied
  3. Daily count your blessings, minimize your grudges
  4. Practice all the above 3 points daily!!

4. Make change by 1 % Everyday, By The End Of The Year You Will Be Transformed By 365%

Understand that great things take time to create. Your intention should be to be a bit better than yesterday. Cumulatively you will be way better than last year.

But take action everyday!

5. Don’t Forget Your Goals

In the hassle of achieving a lot, people just forget why they started. So always keep reminding yourself about your goals.

Best way to do that is by constant mentioning of your goals to positive people in your life, so that you are accountable, include pictures or objects of your goals into your work space and home. Use positive vocabulary only while conversing with people.

6. Keep Rewarding Small Victories

If great movies weren’t winning oscars, there would be no film industry. You need a pat on your back for really coming through. So keep rewarding small victories, only to remind yourself that you are much better than you were earlier. That is a good enough reason to be proud of yourself.

When you learn to embrace small victories, that will give you more confidence to achieve more and embrace big victories.

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